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Menu User Configuration
Livestream Speed and Browser optimization

For the use over Internet it can be useful to slow down the live stream to get faster downloads of recordings. Set the delay in this section. Also set here if the web and the recordings are optimized for MacOS or tablets.
Stream Type

This configuration sets the default view mode for the live cam view for all users. If Java is enabled it is required to have Java installed on your computer. Java consumes more compute power on your computer. The MJPEG Stream is not supported by all browsers. The Script-Stream causes a higher load on C-MOR.


System Administration

Live Stream Speed in Script-Stream Mode and MacOS Optimization

Delay in seconds in Script-Stream live view Seconds

Video recordings and web interface are optimized for MacOS

The video recordings selection tables are displayed optimized for tablet computers

Configuration of the Live View as Script-Stream, with Java-Player or as MJPEG-Stream

Live View as Script-Stream
Live View with Java-Player
Live View as MJPEG-Stream

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